Experiment 2:42

Experiment 2.42 was a seven week campaign we experienced together in the Fall of 2010. It was conducted for the purpose of increasing our understanding and development of a kingdom focused lifestyle. It focused on two key aspects of a kingdom focused lifestyle: missional living and relational discipleship. Our pastor preached a sermon series from key passages in the book of Acts and we gathered together in small groups each week to discuss the biblical principles we learned from each sermon. On this page, you will find six short videos our staff shot which served as discussion starters for our small group sessions.

  • Exp 2:42 Week 2: Paying It Forward
  • 05:01 minutes
  • Exp 2:42 Week 3: Overcoming Obstacles
  • 07:51 minutes
  • Exp 2:42 Week 4 : Helping Those in Need
  • 06:46 minutes
  • Exp 2:42 Week 5: The "Good Christian" Box
  • 05:32 minutes
  • Exp 2:42 Week 6: It's a Matter of the Heart
  • 05:56 minutes
  • Exp 2:42 Week 7: Finishing Strong
  • 06:31 minutes

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