XA Student Ministry Update, 2-8-2011


I’ve had to send very brief little updates the past few weeks (which was a direct result of my life taking on a feel of “survival mode” this past month for various reasons) but now things have finally calmed down enough for me to give you a little bit more detail on what’s going on and where we are going in terms of programs and events in our Student Ministry!

Valentine Banquet- Is coming up this weekend! A big thanks to the Trowbridge and Jernigan families who have led the charge in making plans and getting this off the ground! The theme this year is “Evening of Elegance” and will be an awesome time of our youth serving our Senior Adult Ministry. We have already begun assigning some teenagers responsibilities (wait staff, table cleaners, coat check, table escorts, etc) but still need more. We will make more assignments Sunday Morning, but really the bulk or our training will be Sunday afternoon. Students should report no later than 4:30 to the Fellowship Hall and wear a nice white shirt and black pants or skirt. This Wednesday night at 6:30 will be rehearsal for students who are part of the skits for the Banquet.

“The Silver Ring Thing” and “Love and Sacrifice”- I wanted to mention two really cool local opportunities we have coming up in March. “The Silver Ring Thing” is a national tour that is coming to Scots Hill Baptist on Saturday March 5 which promotes the message of abstinence and purity. There will be sessions for both students and parents. Tickets are $5.00 if ordered ahead of time, $8.00 at the door. There is a Silver Ring that can be purchased for $20 for students who make a commitment to purity until marriage. More info can be found at www.silverringthing.com. “Love and Sacrifice”- We are partnering with several other local churches for an all night event Thursday March 24- Friday March 25, 6:00 pm-8:00am at First Baptist Activity Center. That Friday is a teacher workday for students and Thursday is a half day. There will be plenty of time for fun and games, but the main focus for the evening will be to encourage and mobilize teenagers to minister to those around them in need. The Speaker is Andy Braner,  www.andybraner.typepad.com. This event is free! Sign-ups for both will begin this Sunday and  more information will be available soon!  Due to the close proximity to these events and the fact that it falls on the same weekend as our church’s opportunity to serve at the Wilmington marathon, we likely will not take a group to the WINTERJAM concert (March 19) this year as we had scheduled.  

Sunday Mornings- “Creed” is the name we have given to our Sunday Morning Program this Semester. The goal is to help students take ownership of their faith so that they know why they believe what they believe and to internalize their faith as their own. We have finished up a short series on tough questions and clearing up misconceptions about the Bible and now are moving into a series on Cults and other Religions.  

INSIDEOUT- As you likely know this is our large group/small group “primary” meeting time with the teenagers 4:30-6:00 Sunday afternoons. We usually follow it with an “AfterGlow” that lasts until 7:30 pm and we generally feed them along the way. If a student is not attending INSIEOUT, they are missing out on the heart and soul of our Student Ministry because this is where relationships are formed, accountability is given, and the real life world of following Christ in teenage America is addressed. We are currently working through a series on relating to and resolving conflict in our families!

Here is a rough (subject to change) schedule of ten next couple months. I am going to try to add some more details next week. If you would like to host a group for an AfterGlow or have suggestions of an activity or Service Project, please let me know!

Sunday Feb 13- Valentine Banquet

Sunday Feb 20- INSIDEOUT and AfterGlowSunday Feb 27- INSIDEOUT and AfterGlow
Sunday March 5- INSIDEOUT (no Afterglow b/c of Silver Ring Thing on Friday)

Sunday March 13- INSIDEOUT and AfterGlow
Sunday March 20- Likely no INSIDEOUT due to race service project and church service moved to afternoon or evening

Sunday March 27- INSIDEOUT (no AfterGlow due to “Love and Sacrifice” on Thursday/Friday)

Sunday April 3- INSIDEOUT and AfterGlow
Sunday April 10- INSIDOUT and AfterGlow

Sunday April 17 No INSIDEOUT (Mission Trip)

Sunday April 24 No INSIDEOUT (Easter)

Thanks and Have a great week!



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