XA Student Ministry Update, 3-24-2011

Hey Guys!

Be sure to continue to let me know if anyone else is going with us to the “Love and Sacrifice” Lock in tomorrow evening (refer to my email and the mail-out from earlier this week). The only update is that as of now, unless someone steps forward, I will be the only adult from College Acres who will stay the whole night with our group and we do not have a female adult from our church going at all.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t anticipate this being an issue (there will be plenty of other adults, we will be contained in one building the entire time, and there are a manageable number of students going…12-15 or so), but I just wanted to make sure parents were aware!

This Sunday morning  9:00, as an off-shoot of our study of cults and other religions, we will begin a new series “Why are There So Many Different Churches?” to explore and define all the different branches of Christianity and Denominations. Here is what the schedule will look like the next few weeks:

March 27: Intro and major events in the Early Church

April 3- Protestant Reformation/ Differences between Catholics and Protestants

April 10- Protestant Denominations

April 17- Why Baptist?

April 24 (Easter)- Why Jesus? (wrap-up to entire series)

I’m looking forward to this! Never taught on this before, but it could be very useful for teenagers to have a basic understanding of the history and theological variations that exists within Christianity as they come to internalize their faith.

Sunday Afternoon at INSIDEOUT 4:30 we will continue our “GROW UP” series by talking about how spiritual disciplines spur us along on our faith journey (this is session 4 small group leaders). Our AfterGlow will be dollar Tacos at Islands Mexican Grill (Racine Drive) as we celebrate “Veintisiete de Marcha” a much, much less well known Holiday than “Cinco de Mayo”. Send some money! Island’s rule is that a drink must be purchased for every four dollar tacos. We will return to church by 7:30!

Also keep in mind for our April 10th AfterGlow we will take the group to see the Christian themed movie “Soul Surfer” at Mayfaire.  www.soulsurferwave.com . We will charge $7.00 and purchase as many tickets as possible ahead of time. We will begin collecting money and have a sign up for those who know for sure they will go. I am finalizing our AfterGlow schedule for the rest of the school year and should have that available by Sunday.

We currently have one space open for the Washington DC Mission Trip April 17-21, but let me know soon since it may not last! Grade 8 and above.




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